What’s Up

Masters’ in design engineering

Janaki’s working on designing with new technologies, turning metal, wood, plastic, silicon, light, and code into bad-ass new tools for our fascinatingly evolving society. She’s in grad school again: getting a double Masters’ with the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London.


Fab Academy

Going deep into code and tech in order to come out with richer ways to tell stories.



We wish it was all just a party game …



Nov 2016

A performance installation in San Francisco with the très Dada theme of dealing with our metaphorical and literal shit. Part of the SF Dada World Fair 2016.

With Peter Maravelis and Andrei Codrescu.


Pocket Walden


A sound tour that helps a listener relax by the side of Walden Pond, wherever they happen to be.

With the St Paul City Art Collaboratory.


Karagiozis Project

Nov 2015

An interactive gallery show with TAF in Athens about the Everyman hero of Greek shadow theater.

See the 5-min video summary here.