Awkward Cards

Keep a card in your wallet to make life easier.

Awkward Cards ease socially challenging situations, those moments that come up again and again when you’re not quite sure what to say. Use an onsite Awkward Therapist to help you formulate the pithy phrase you need, then watch the card get made onsite. Pocket it and instantly feel more confident.

Nervous about that first step into a party? Pull out your Awkward Card before you ring the doorbell. Feel like standing in the corner alone? Use your Awkward Card that says: “I am actually fine on my own, thanks.” Or maybe, “I’m shy, but will you try and talk to me?” The person you’re with won’t shut up? Try: “Please let me go.” Allow your card to say the things that are difficult but sometimes necessary to say.

Create cards to get out of danger, too: “I really enjoy flirting with you — like, really — and I hope we can safely agree not to go any further while still keeping that sense of fun, since I am married.”
Well, that’s actually too long for an Awkward Card. Here’s where an Awkward Therapist is really going to help out. She might suggest something like, “I love flirting, AND I love my spouse best.” Put it in your wallet!

This event was part of the Social Practice show “Thinking Making Living” at the Nash Gallery at the University of Minnesota, Sept-Dec 2014. Organized by Christine Baeumler.