An Elegant Threat

Dating is a dark science.

The fugitive Fantômas, a criminal mastermind invented in 1911 by French authors Allain and Sylvestre, pushes audience members into experiencing several bad dates. Each date is in a black velvet booth. In each booth, audience members search for a sentimental mix tape left behind by an ex-love. Their search is complicated by Loneliness and Mother, two tiny puppets that harass them. When the audience sits down to share headphones like lovers and listen to the tapes, they form a landscape of quiet, attentive bodies. It is over this landscape that a clean glass puppet, the Simple Soul, struggles to climb, tracked by a live video camera that contextualizes the audience as mountain passes and boulders. The Simple Soul works her way to the goal: the Land of Ideal Love, called Candy Mountain.

This was a work-in-progress piece performed as part of Puppet Lab at Heart of the Beast theater.