Take The Field


Touchdown Timeline

Is the size of one football field big enough to measure the cosmos?

Take the Field transformed the athletic field of South High School into a timeline for the audience. Giant projections stretched between the goalposts and live music helped people move, dance, and touchdown! from one end of the field to the other. This interactive show traversed the entire history of the universe as it progressed across an enormous football field.

This event brought neighborhood attention to the elimination of South High School’s bus service. A block party helped advertise that the area was going to become a walking and cycling corridor busy with more students than before. The show served as a spectacular public service announcement.

Activities began at dusk. A troupe of dancing students invited the audience to move onto the field, where they were guided by projections and music into a large-scale game. When they reached the final goal, a marching band burst out of the food kiosk and sparklers were lit. A movie was offered at the end, watched on a screen set up on the football goalposts, under the stars.

With Andrea Steudel, Meena Mangalvedhekar, Matt Larson, and Corcoran Neighborhood Organization. Supported by the Minnesota State Arts Board.